Maxime derai web analyst / SEO

Maxime Derai Seo Web analyst

This SEO expert live in Malta and spend also a bit of time in Marseille France. As you know is called Maxime

What is his job?

A SEO consultant knows how to optimize a site for search engines and help you to get the right visitor on your website.

Google analytics and Yandex metrics help him to identify your target. It is useless to target your content in Maltese when the majority of the visitors who are on your website are primarily from Malta yet English speaker.

The consultant will do audit which will help you to see what competitors do. He will be able to give advices and select which vocabulary and keywords to use for your contents.
For exemple, it will irrelevant to to use technical vocabulary if your your target are non-technical audiences: there is no need to speak to you about the benefit of semantic audit if you have no idea about what I am speaking about.

The link structure of your website is very important to help Google to understand and reach all the contents of your website. As SEO my job his to make it clear, I should be able to understand the content. Do not ask me to organise your link structure ( net linking) of your website written in Maltese it will take ages… Please, just English UK and US or French.
Backling ( link from outside) strategy is highly important for the ranking of your website. build a strong network is time consumer, yet one of the leading work of a Search Engine Optimiser .

As the net linking the technical structure of your website should invite and guid Google (yandex, Bing…). Site map, robots.txt, tags, cloaking, performance, … are improved. Moreover some specific issues, like duplicate contents, have to be fixed when we use Wordpress.

Why be certified Google analyst and Inbound Marketing?

On purpose to have an overall view and provide better strategies. Google analytics helps to understand what does the visitor, what he likes and where is come from. With Google (search engine) the content is king. To be Inbound certified help me to create efficient funnel of conversion for Maltese businesses and help the visitors to take the best decision.

My next step is to be a trafic manager. I am training myself to be able to do a wide type of advertising campagnes and that will help me to complete the picture.

Last words,: the best SEO experts need time to get an efficient and perennial results. High rank can be quickly get with some specific optimisation tactics but heavily penalised your website’ ranking

Please, have a look at what I can do for you Maxime Derai Traffic Manager